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Here at Good Life & Mind, we know the power of anxiety all too well. So we love to share when we find proven techniques to help challenge our minds during these anxious times. This is one of those techniques, so read on to find out more about how you can help your mindset by using EFT Tapping for anxiety.

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The EFT Tapping Technique

What on Earth is EFT Tapping?!

I know I know. You’re probably wondering what on Earth I’m talking about! Tapping?! To help anxiety?!

But yes. Using EFT tapping for mindset really can help to eliminate not just anxiety. Also stress, anger, physical pain and any discomfort within your body or mind.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, and it really can be emotionally freeing once you include it into your life and your personal pack of tools.

The Background

EFT tapping isn’t quite as simple as purely tapping random parts of your body, or the table next to you. There is of course a background and a little more depth to the practise than that. EFT tapping is based on the ancient practises (particularly the ancient, Chinese practises) of both acupuncture and acupressure. There has been discoveries into the use of meridian points as medical treatment for thousands and thousands of years. Both acupuncture and acupressure involve applying pressure or implements into very specific parts of the body known as acupoints or the meridian areas.

What are acupoints/meridian areas?

It is believed that these points on the body are where our major energy flows occur, and that when we are pained, or we are anxious/stressed/concerned, that we are blocking the energy from flowing freely. Thus creating all of these blocked emotions and physical reactions.

Why does it work?

When our meridian points (energy centres) are blocked due to emotions, we need to essentially create a change in the energy in that particular spot. By tapping the area, we are changing the energy flow in that area, and sending a reassuring message back to our brain. We are changing the energy flow, we are changing the thoughts relating to the blockage.

Once you learn how to adopt the practise, you’ll forever have it within your emotional tool box, no matter what happens, however unexpected or challenging.

Now let’s discuss where to tap.

Your acupoints/meridian areas are…

So of course it helps to know where to tap once you begin the practise. Here is a list of your meridian areas (points of energy flow), that you can focus your technique on once you begin:

  • The outer edge of both of your hands (pinky side).
  • The inner part of both eyebrows (the part that joins onto your nose).
  • Your temples (outer side of your eyes).
  • Underneath your Eyes.
  • Under your nose.
  • On your chin, in the dip just underneath your mouth.
  • The top of your head.
  • Both of your collarbones.
  • Both sides of your chest, below your collar bones.
  • Under your arms (on the side of your body).

Onto the technique…

Now we’ve talked about where the tapping points are, let’s discuss how we actually go about the process of EFT tapping for mindset.

There are so many free tutorials and videos to help teach this in a clearer way, as well as some really amazing professionals you can hire if you need to.

In the simplest way I can type it, you’re thinking of whatever worry, pain, emotion it is that you’re feeling, and while you do you tap your meridian points on your body and tell yourself that you feel this emotion/pain and you accept yourself regardless of it.

You continue tapping whilst you feel the emotion. You tap while you tell yourself that feeling is okay.

You continue this process until your level of emotion attached to this lowers.

How can such a simple method truly work for both emotional and physical pain?

You’re taking the pent up emotions and physical feelings, and you’re using a technique that in it’s deeper sense, is altering the flow of energy within your body to free up any emotional blockages.

An easier explanation is this…

When you use this method, instead of avoiding your challenging emotions and physical pains, you are accepting them. You are welcoming them into your space, you are acknowledging them. You’re then using distraction and energy redistribution while holding these powerful emotions, and at the same time you’re telling yourself you accept these feelings.

The combination of all of this together results in you moving through the emotion instead of holding onto it. You can then move through it and release it so much faster and easier than you’ve ever felt able to before.

What can I use this technique for?

Honestly, EFT tapping can be utilised for any challenging emotion. If it’s a physical pain that’s causing a strong emotion. If it’s grief. If it’s anxiety. If it’s stress…. Whatever those powerful emotions are, you can utilise this technique to help to confront the issues and to move through them in a safe and secure way.

It can be very scary to feel those seemingly negative emotions, especially when trauma is involved. But by learning EFT tapping for mindset, you’re giving yourself a security net to help you to process and move through these emotions without avoiding them, which makes them become bigger, or longer term issues.

Don’t get me wrong…

It’s not something that you’ll magically learn straight away. Like everything it may take practise for you to be able to let those emotions really open up. And, also, of course many mental health issues will need medical professionals like therapists, and perhaps medication too, and there’s really no shame in that.

We can utilise the full spectrum of help available when we need it..

…but EFT tapping is an amazing, and simple to learn tool, that once added to our box of tricks can truly help us to support ourselves through those challenging moments in life, where our emotions tell us we can’t cope.

My EFT Tapping Experience

I personally took my feelings of anger surrounding mentions of baby loss into my EFT tapping session. It’s important to note that I did NOT take unresolved issues around the loss into the session, and that is a trauma that is so much bigger, and often requires medical professional input to process.

What I took into the session was feelings of anger surrounding the abundance of posts that bring up those emotions for me, without warning, on social media.

When I went into the session…

…my anger, sadness and frustration was at around an 8. After a guided session with Andrea over at Drea Hunt, where we used repetition of reassurance, acknowledgment and release whilst tapping those important, acupressure points, it was mind blowingly down to a 0-1. Yes, no word of a lie, the emotions around it really dropped that significantly.

Whether it’s the reassurance, the tapping to rejig the energy flow to the important points of the body, or the combination of everything, what absolutely matters is just how effective this method can truly be.

If you’d like to try a 15 minute EFT consultation with Andrea to see if you think it would work for you, you can book that here.
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Andrea also runs monthly giveaways, EFT sessions and Life Coaching.

**IMPORTANT – Andrea does not cover opening up large traumatic events. It’s more about reducing the emotions or pains surrounding things in your life.**

How do you feel about the concept of tapping as a tool for your mindset? Anxiety? It’s a really simple concept when you think about it, and can be so helpful in releasing our challenging and limiting emotions!

We wrote more about the growth mindset, and ways to include realistic self care that isn’t bubble baths and chocolate!

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