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Today, sedentary living and a lack of adequate physical activity is one of the major causes of some of the most pressing public health issues around the globe – and it only seems like this trend is likely to accelerate, as more and more people are spending an increasing number of hours per day in front of one form of screen or another.

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It’s not a rare situation for someone to work for eight or more hours a day sitting down in front of their work computer, only to then get home and unwind by spending the rest of the evening surfing the web on their home computer, and watching shows on TV.

Getting more physically active each day, possibly with the help of dynamic devices such as an E-bike that can help to ease you into activities like cycling, can be a very good idea.

Here are just a few benefits of getting more physically active each day, whether in the form of getting up and pacing around regularly while at work, or by taking up activities like cycling.

More hope, positivity, and optimism

The psychologist Kelly McGonigal is a big fan of physical activity, and her book “The Joy of Movement” Is essentially an ode to the different ways in which being physically active can improve your life.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things that McGonigal outlines in the book, is that being physically active causes beneficial molecules to be released from muscle tissue throughout the body, which have been nicknamed “hope molecules,” because of the role they play in boosting feelings of optimism and possibility.

It turns out that being physically active can help you to be more positive and optimistic in a range of different ways, from the “runner’s high” that you might get from a higher intensity workout carried out for a longer period of time, to the basic mood lifting benefits that come from moving your body in any way whatsoever, consistently.

Greater baseline energy levels

Intense workouts can certainly be exhausting, and can strain your central nervous system and leave you feeling drained. But more moderate forms of exercise and physical activity can actually have the effect of substantially boosting your baseline energy levels, and helping you to feel more alert.

By contrast, sitting down for long periods of the day in order to “relax” can have the paradoxical effect of causing you to feel more tired than you were before.

Less tendency to get stuck in your own head

Physical activity has the remarkable ability of helping to get you out of your own head, and away from your own perpetual thought spirals.

Excess rumination is at the heart of much anxiety and depression, and sitting around and trying to think your way out of a negative thought spiral is often a completely futile exercise.Instead, getting up and moving your body – whether by going for a brisk stroll in nature, or doing a resistance training session – can help to direct your awareness to your body in the present moment, and can get you out of your own head in a way that is very healthy.

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