white bedspread beside nightstand with white and copper table lamp

Are you in a constant battle with yourself to fall asleep and stay asleep? Try these 6 tips for better sleep, and see if they help.

white bedspread beside nightstand with white and copper table lamp
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1. Reduce Screen Time in the Evening

This is not just a case of your brain not switching off because of whatever it is you’re focusing on on your screens, it’s also a case of light at night time disturbing your circadian rhythm, which basically means you’re tricking your brain into believing it’s still daytime because of the late, light exposure!

You can either invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses, or you can plan in advance to have your evening free from screens. Perhaps try a good, old paperback instead.

2. Drop the late caffeine hit

I’m guilty of it too. I LOVE a good, strong cup of tea right before bed!

But along with my numerous coffees and teas throughout the day, the intake of caffeine in the evening will make sure your nervous system is on FIRE right as you’re wanting to go to sleep. Your body won’t be able to shut off and fall to sleep.

Try keeping the strong caffeine to pre lunchtime, or certainly to pre exertion. Consuming caffeine when the energy has nowhere to go is a recipe for a sleepless night.

3. Try and get into a Sleep/Wake Routine

Training your body into a sleep and wake routine helps your body to understand what is required of it at any particular time of day.

If you need to, set an alarm for the same time every morning, until you settle into a new routine. Your body will be much more likely to fall to sleep when you want it to.

4. Evening Mindfulness

Try and clear your head of all thoughts you have spinning around, right before you go to bed.

This can be by journaling, meditation, breathwork or whatever works for you. But clearing your head is one of the most certain ways to help you drift off.

5. Make sure you’re comfortable.

It may sound like an easy enough suggestion, but are you actually comfortable when you get in bed? If you aren’t then tackle this! Do you need a better mattress? More pillows? Less pillows?!

Make your bed a place where you sink into pure joy and relaxation when you hit the pillow.

6. Get enough daylight during the day!

This is science.

By getting enough light during the daytime hours, you’re working with your circadian rhythm to prepare your body that once the light has gone, it’s time to rest.

So try and get all of your light exposure out of the way in those daylight hours!

So there are a quick 6 tips to help you to drop off and get better, more restorative sleep. I hope you find them useful!

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