crop slim sportswoman with colorful hula hoop

Has lockdown, or working from home got you searching for how to stay active at home? Read on for our 5 suggestions!

crop slim sportswoman with colorful hula hoop
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5 ways to stay active at home

It may well be that you’re still finding yourself at home a lot more than you used to do pre-COVID. While lockdown and restrictions have eased, many of us are still working from home much of the time, or have fewer social engagements getting us out of the house than we once did. Perhaps you’ve decided not to renew your gym membership because you’ve become used to having some extra cash in your back pocket each month?

Whatever the reasons, many of us are still looking for fun ways to keep active from the comfort of our own homes.

Here are five activities you can try at home to keep you moving.

1. Hula Hooping

No, I’m not talking about those flimsy, plastic hoops you used in PE lessons at primary school! Not only is using a weighted hula hoop a great way to get your heart pumping, it also helps to improve your balance, strengthen your core and tone those stomach muscles! Plus, it’s really fun! Provided you have enough space, you can hula hoop indoors or out. As little as five minutes of hooping a day can have you seeing results in no time!

2. March on the spot

If lack of space or equipment has you turning your nose up to hooping, why not try marching on the spot? You can even do this in front of the TV. So instead of curling up on the sofa to watch the latest episode of your favourite box set, why not watch while marching? It’s surprising how many steps you’ll rack up in that time – and you’ll still get to unwind watching your guilty pleasure.

3. Climb the stairs

If, like me, you live in a three-storey house, you’ll know how easy it is to get out of breath after a couple of trips up and down the stairs. As well as being a great cardiovascular workout, climbing the stairs will also help to tone and strengthen your thighs. So why not put on some music or your favourite podcast and set aside 20 minutes to go up and down the stairs as many times as you can?

4. Yoga

If getting out of breath isn’t for you, then you might prefer to give yoga a try. There are loads of tutorials to be found online so it won’t be hard to find one that you like. As well as keeping you active, yoga is an effective stress-buster. Build it into your morning routine for a positive start to your day.

5. Calisthenics

Again if you’re short of space and don’t want to be forking out for specialist equipment, then calisthenics may be up your street. Essentially, calisthenics is a workout consisting of bodyweight exercises such as push ups, mountain climbers and burpees. You could follow a routine of YouTube, or make up your own. The possibilities are endless!

So, there you have it! Five ways that you could keep active from the comfort of your own home. Which do you think you’ll challenge yourself to first?

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